Water Softeners

It is estimated that about 85% of Canada’s water is considered to be hard or very hard. This water has more than 1 grain per gallon of minerals like calcium and magnesium. If you are lucky enough to have access to the 15% which is soft water, you are laughing. If not, you should consider buying a water softener. If you knock yourself out splashing water on your face, you need a water softener. No doubt about it.

We carry the Hydrotech brand of water softeners. Hydrotech is part of the Canature WaterGroup headquartered in Regina SK. 

They have locations throughout North America.

Glass of Water
Shower Softener

Shower Softener

The Shower Softener, ideal for use out at the lake.

Compact Water Softener

850 Series

The compact 850 Series is designed for condos, apartments, or smaller homes.

Commercial Softener

Softener for Commercial Use

Right up to the 85TA 1” Series Softener for commercial and large home use.

HT 89 Softener

Residential Use Softeners

The HTO,  89HE Series, 785HE Series, 565 Series and 765 Series

We have been providing soft water to our Saskatoon and area customers for years.