About Our Water


Saskatoon Bottled Water Company has an 8-step process for treating our bottled water. This allows us to achieve the high-quality water that our customers expect. We start with Saskatoon tap water and proceed from there.

water carbon filter


1. Saskatoon water is passed through a 60-inch carbon filter to remove taste and odour.

water filter

Second Filter

2. Next, the water goes through a 5-micron filter to remove any remaining sediment.

cation ion exchange tank

Cation Ion Exchange Tank

3. The water then goes to a cation ion exchange tank. Here the soluble, positively charged minerals are removed. Calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

negatively charged minerals

Anion Exchange Tank

4. Next to an anion exchange tank to remove all the negatively charged soluble minerals. We monitor our water to achieve a target range. 1 part per million total dissolved solids.

water filter

Third Filter

5. The water is again passed through a 5-micron filter for a final polish.

ultraviolent light

Ultraviolet Light

6. The last step is to make sure the water has no bacteria. It is passed through a 10 gallon per minute ultraviolet light.  This destroys the DNA of any bacteria that might be present.

water bottling


7. Bottling is the next step. The bottles are washed in a 135 degrees solution for one minute with a high-pressure pump and sprays. The bottles are then washed in disinfecting solution for one minute. Finally, they are rinsed with fresh pure water.

filled and capped water bottle

Filled and Capped

8. Water and bottles meet at the bottling machine where they are filled and capped.

Our facility is inspected on a regular basis by the Federal Health Department and the City of Saskatoon Health Department.