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Saskatoon Water Conditioning

About Us

Tom Madden opened Dazzle Products ltd in 1962. Sons Tom Jr. and Dan now run the business, but things have changed. The business now focuses on water and is known as Saskatoon Bottled Water. Treatment systems for home and office are also key.

great tasting water

Our Water

Saskatoon’s water supply is generally good. We take that water and put it through a 6-step process to make it great water. We remove issues with taste, odour, sediments, unwanted minerals, and bacteria. We bottle it on site for pick-up or delivery.

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Whole House Systems

Whole house systems filter all of the water as it enters the home or office. The systems are installed before the water reaches softeners or R.O. systems. We can do a no-charge water analysis. That will determine any issues that exist. Our team can then recommend the best solution for you.

Water Softeners

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from your water. These elements can cause scale to build up in your pipes and connected appliances. Hard water lowers the efficiency of soaps, detergents, and shampoos. Water softeners address these issues.

Reverse Osmosis

Often referred to as R. O. systems. These systems remove minerals and contaminants from drinking water. They pass the water through a membrane to filter it. The water is then supplied through a dedicated faucet. This provides the best tasting drinking water.

Iron Filters

Some water has a much higher iron content. This is more frequent for wells or rural water sources. Iron can cause staining on sinks and appliances. A bad smell can also be detected from hydrogen sulfide. Iron filters remove excess iron and make water softeners work better.

Bottled Water Options

We provide bottled water to homes and businesses in Saskatoon and surrounding area. Pick up from our shop or we can deliver. We also carry a line of coolers for rental or purchase. Our bottled water meets or exceeds all quality standards. Our facility is tested on a regular basis. We have a self-serve fill station open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Reconditioned Systems

We frequently get water coolers and system components returned. Often at the end of rental agreements. They will be posted in this section for sale. Visit frequently to see if we have something you might need. Point of use coolers with built-in Reverse Osmosis system. These systems are directly plumbed in so they do not require bottled water. We have 2 in stock selling for $ 400.00 each. That is less than the price of a Reverse Osmosis system! Call today and ask about them. Professional installation can be provided at an additional cost.